Humidifier and air purifier ELDOM NU100

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Cleansing and moisturizing not only our face is very much needed

Nawilżacz i oczyszczacz powietrza ELDOM NU100

How to take care of clean air at home? With the ELDOM NU100 humidifier

Smog is becoming more common and not only threatens us outside. So dirty  polluted air  often also happens indoors. Dry, full of allergens, ions, bacteria and other dirty things around us causes our well-being to deteriorate and can cause various diseases. How to ensure that you are not exposed to such risk in your own home? Just buy good humidifier  and  cleaner  in one.

Oczyszczacz powietrza ELDOM NU100 z funkcją nawilżania

 Now we have for you such a device in a beautiful implementation, ultramodern using the latest technologies. This air filter  will take care of the climate in your homes like no humidifier has ever done before.

Opakowanie ELDOM NU100

What are the advantages of the ELDOM NU100 humidifier and air purifier?

Ultrasonic humidifier  NU100 AURO is a very elegant and stylish device. Its quality and aesthetics are perfectly harmonized with functional values. It is equipped with a set of 5 special filters (incl  antibacterial filter with silver ions  ). And the application  zeolite  (fights all kinds of pathogens, viruses and microbes, strongly absorbs heavy metals and toxins) is a guarantee of really purified air.

ELDOM NU100 zdjęcia szczegółowe

 This one  model NU100  has a three-stage adjustment humidification , water level sensor and large and easy to read display. We can control it electronically. It has a lot of functions that are extremely useful to us, such as setting the time after which the humidifier will be turned off automatically, and setting the expected one  humidity level (from 40-90% in 5% increments),  ionization function  air mode, night mode (in this mode all active lights go out), automatic activation of the purification, ionization and hygrometer functions.

ELDOM NU100 Nawilżacz z funkcja oczyszczania powietrza

 effective air purification - ZEOLIT - a mineral having the ability to fight various types of pathogens, viruses and microorganisms. Strongly absorbs heavy metals and toxins.

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