VERTO 52G585 cordless chainsaw

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Do you like cutting, cutting and sawing?

Piła łańcuchowa akumulatorowa VERTO 52G585

Simple and functional chain saw

if you need  cut wood , cut a few boughs or cut unwanted bushes  saw  will be necessary. What saw to buy? It depends where you cut, how much you cut and how often you cut. Electric saws  they are lighter than combustion products and easier to use, but they are limited by a cable. And if you're waiting a bit further from home, then the best will be  cordless saw.  You will take it with you even to the farthest end of the garden or grove. No need to connect it to the power supply will increase the comfort of work. Chainsaw Verto  this  perfect saw to work, easy to use, light and safe.

Akumulatory pilarki łańcuchowa akumulatorowej VERTO 52G585

 Two Li-Ion 1.3 Ah batteries

Akumulatorowa pilarka łąńcuchowa VERTO 52G585 podczas pracy

Why is a cordless saw the best?

You will take such a saw with you everywhere, regardless of whether there is power supply, sure, that you can also take a gasoline-fueled petrol, but if you do not have to clear the forest, the battery-powered saw will certainly be lighter and more practical. The VERTO cordless chainsaw has a voltage of 18V. It is equipped with a safety brake, so the user is protected at the moment  recoil saw.  There is no risk of accidental starting, as the saw has protection against this. The automatic chain lubrication system increases work comfort and the oil level indicator facilitates operation. The saw complies with European safety standards.

Opakowanie pilarki VERTO 52G585


In the case of electrical equipment, they are provided with a European plug C, E or F.

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