B33 R / C remote controlled battle tanks 2 pieces

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Does your child dream of being a tanker?

Czołgi bitewne zdalnie sterowane B33

You've already found the perfect gift for a child - remote controlled tanks are a hit

There used to be a boy in the yard who would not like to be Janek from the 102 tank. Now children dream about flying into space about robot fights, but those who  they are fascinated by the army , they want to be a soldier or simply  they love tanks , they will be happy to get one Christmas gift . A set of two tanks  to play with a friend, colleague or parent. These are not ordinary tanks remote controlled tanks . Your child may feel like on military maneuvers, see what it's like to drive such a machine. Tanks perfectly rendered  with sound effects  and visual. It's a toy for everyone regardless of age.

Piloty do sterowania czołgami bitewnymi

A set of two battle tanks "Leopard 2 and T-90"

Remote controlled tanks , one is Leopard 2 and the other is T-90. Each one of them  equipped with an armored gun  and a machine gun. The fun is all on hitting the opponent with a laser beam  Infrared. If you aim well and hit the tank LED goes out, each tank has four LEDs. When it is hit 4 times the tank loses. But don't worry, after 30 seconds you'll be ready to fight again. Tanks are equipped with gunshot sound effects and visual effects. They flash, smoke from the exhaust pipe and can overcome slopes of up to 30 degrees and overcome small obstacles encountered in their path.

Czołgi R/C zabawka do prowadzenia bitew pancernych

 Product features:

 - accurate reproduction of the Leopard and T90 tank models
 - smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe (smoke can be turned off)
 - flashing light signals
 - rubber tracks
 - each caterpillar is driven by a separate engine
 - visible jerk when starting the engine
 - possibility of climbing a slope up to 30 degrees
 - passing over obstacles
 - hit rate indicator
 - rotating turret
 - realistic sounds of gunshots
 - the tank sound can be turned off
 - separate buttons for firing from a gun and a rifle

 - Leopard dimensions: length with barrel ~ 32cm x height ~ 12cm x depth ~ 11.5 cm
 - dimensions T-90 length with the barrel ~ 32cm x height ~ 12cm x depth ~ 11.5 cm

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