Multiswitch 5/8 Opticum OMS 58 PRO


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Multiswitch 5/8 Opticum OMS 58 PRO

Is multiswitch installation complicated?

Multiswitch to put it simply  multi-range switch which allows signal distribution from one satellite dish to many sockets  and additionally enabling the reception of a signal from the antenna to receive terrestrial television.  Mulitiswitche  are found in a variety of input and output configurations, e.g. the multiswitch sold on this page 5/8 enables connecting 8 receivers to the satellite dish  receiving a signal from one satellite. And best of all, multiswitches can be connected to each other thereby increasing the number of available sockets.  Multiswitch installation  it is simple if we have all the elements necessary for it; antenna converter subscriber sockets , cables (you can buy everything in our store).

Zasilacz do multiswitcha Opticum OMS 58 PRO

Does the fact that the multiswitch sockets are gold plated make any difference?

Gold-plated sockets in the multiswitch significantly reduce signal losses at the antenna cable connection, and reduce the phenomenon of oxidation. Installation with this device should take into account the connection multiswitch to the satellite dish with a diameter of not less than 0.8 m. Multiswitch 5/8 Opticum  OMS 58 PRO is designed to expand the internal antenna installation of the satellite TV system and Full HD terrestrial and SD. This particular multiswitch enables receiving programs from one satellite and connecting to it 8 satellite tuners.

Opticum OMS 5/8 PRO w opakowaniu

 The multiswitch is powered by an external power supply and thus the phenomenon of increased operating temperature has been eliminated, which was a frequent cause of damage to the device.

Multiswitch 5/8 OMS PRO zdjęcie real produktu


Dimensions:135 x 115 x 45 mm
Frequency:88 - 2200 MHz
Impedance: 75 Ohm
Output level:SAT: 92 dBuV, TER: 88 dBuV
Polarization / band switching:13V / 18V 13V / 22kHz-18V / 22kHz
Reinforcement: SAT: 0 dB, TER: 2 dB
Working temperature:0 ... + 55 C.

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