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Monitoring even while you sleep!

Smartband, opaska fitness Bluetooth

What is a smartband and what is it for?

Smartband (from English "smart band") is  activity monitoring band,  it is especially useful for sports people. It has a lot of functions, so you can definitely call it a smart device. Put on the hand, it looks like ordinary silicone bracelet , but although it seems inconspicuous, it has many functions, such as pulsometer , daily progress in sport,  phone control . monitors sleep  and calories burned . To take full advantage of the data stored on it, we must connect the smartband to an external device. It is usually our smartphone, but it can also be a computer or tablet.

Smartband Promedix PR-500

Smartband only for athletes?

Fitness band is not only a device for physically active, it also has completely unsportsmanlike functions. Connected via bluetooth to a smartphone, it allows you to control some phone functions, such as  playing music  or camera, will inform us by vibration about the incoming call or SMS. Thanks to various applications, we can trace our entire day saved on the smartband.  Promedix PR-500 headband is a proposition for everyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, but not only. It is an ideal solution for all people walking with the times. The band is compatible with smartphones on Android and iOS.

Smartband Promedix zdjęcie na ręku

 A clear and transparent menu will make it easier for us to use, and the weight and size make the armband perfectly fits your hands. After pairing with our phone using the application, the band will collect data from performed physical activities , will allow analysis of the results obtained. Promedix PR-500 Band communicates with devices via Bluetooth with the DroiHealth mobile application that you can download from Google Play or the App Store.

Opaska Promedix PR-500 Band Bluetooth

Opakowanie Promedix PR-500

 Fitness Tracker Smartband Bluetooth Puls Promedix PR-500
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Opakowanie Promedix PR-500


Battery capacity:70mAh
Bluetooth: 4.0
Compatible:Android / iOS
Display: 0.71 "/ OLED
Landing:USB port
Sensor:high sensitivity
Screen: tactile
Water resistance: IP67
Working time:standby for about 7 days,
Weight: 20.35g

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