Powermat PM-RPT-2200 hand-held circular saw

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What is the best for cutting in a straight line?

Ręczna pilarka tarczowa z laserem Powermat PM-RPT-2200

What is a circular saw useful for?

By  circular saw  we can do a lot of things ... Cut, cut or cut. Great cuts stoneware , profiles and moldings, cuts perfectly, any wooden elements  and wood-based products we need for construction, finishing and construction. That  chain saw  we can also shorten plastic pipes. As you can see, this quite versatile tool will cut most materials relatively quickly, but only in a straight line.  Chainsaws , roughly divided into two main groups - manual and table. When choosing a saw, let's be guided by what materials we will usually cut. It depends on how much we need turnover and power in our tool.

Pilarka Powermat PM-RPT-2200 zdjęcia szczegółów

Is a chainsaw like this -Powermat PM-RPT-2200 good?

Powermat saw  PM-RPT-2200 is created  for sawing wood  and wood-like products. Perfect for every workshop. It was equipped with a 185mm diameter disc. Its maximum cutting depth is 65mm.  The saw blade  adjustable up to 45 °. The cutting edge is 35mm from the blade.  Work with a chainsaw  facilitated mounted laser guide, battery powered. The tool's engine has a lot of power with high torque.

Pilarka Powermat PM-RPT-2200 z tarczą tnącą w zestawie

 Dust extraction hole  fits most vacuum cleaners and dust bags. The rubber-covered handle provides a comfortable and secure grip. The saw is equipped with protection against accidental switching on

Powermat PM-RPT-2200 ręczna piła tarczowa

 Insulated engine
 Robust and ergonomic design
 Precise handling
 Safety switch
 Overload protection
 Dust extraction system
 Leser with 2x AAA 1.5V batteries (included)

Akcesoria pilarki Powermat PM-RPT-2200

 2x shield
 Original box
 User manual
 2x AAA 1.5v battery
 2x reduction ring for the disc
 Spare brushes

Pilarka tarczowa, ręczna z prowadnicą laserową

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