Double-sided educational mat V5B1 180 x 120 x 1cm

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Colorful and safe

Mata edukacyjna dwustronna V5B1

ATTENTION : The color of the hem of the mats sold is green, as you can see in the photo real below:

Zdjęcie real obszycia maty edukacyjnej

Safe educational mat for babies

You definitely want your child to play only  safe toys and developed accordingly? They do all kinds of things  educational toys.  But how to support the development of a pretty tiny child? For this all kinds of playing, moving and fabulously colorful toys are great. And such mats as we sell here today support motor development. Colors and patterns on the mat  encourage the child to move towards them. Crawling, creeping and rolling over muscle development  and psychomotor skills . Such mats are ideal for this, but only if they meet all required safety standards.

Mata edukacyjna 180 x 120 x 1cm

The double-sided mat is great for crawling.

Big  thermal mat  with dimensions of 180 x 120 centimeters with a thickness of 10 millimeters can successfully replace the carpet and be quite an interesting decorative element of a children's room. It insulates well from the cool floor and is used for children's play. It works very stimulating on child psychomotor development  by encouraging the baby to move around to take a closer look at the next detail on the mat. And thanks to this, the mat supports crawling. Double-sided warm mat  it can be used both inside and outside due to the use of proper insulation.

Gduba mata edukacyjna dla dzieci

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