Rotating magnetic board for drawing B9C blue

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Develop your child's abilities

Obrotowa tablica magnetyczna do rysowania

There is nothing like smearing chalk on the blackboard. A rotating board for painting for every child

What child doesn't love to paint with chalk or felt-tip pens? We don't always have the opportunity to provide a place for a child to scribble with chalk . And then boards are a salvation. Instead of investing in uncomfortable hanging boards, or fighting cards falling everywhere, we can buy one double-sided board . It is worth developing in a child artistic abilities  and through what our child paints we can more easily reach and orient it what the child feels . Drawing develops eye-hand coordination in children. Let the child  Improve imagination  and creativity and express yourself through drawing.

Tablica dla dzieci, dwustronna. Zdjęcie opakowania

How to develop a child's creativity? A high-quality double-sided board will help you with this.

This rotary table  allows the child to rotate it and stop it in a comfortable drawing position. The board will allow for  development of artistic abilities  at your child's. Our board is made of safe and decent materials. Is  double-sided  and Magnetic.  On one side of the board, we can hang cards by attaching them with the help of clips attached to the board. On the other hand, it's black board for painting  followed by colorful chalks. For the convenience of your child, under the board there is a shelf on which we can place all the accessories needed for the child. The boards can be rotated 360 degrees.
 - two-sided rotary board
 - table under the board
 - accessories cup 2 pcs
 - colored chalk (12 pcs) with an adapter
 - markers in three colors
 - magnetic sticker (12 pcs)
 - a dishwasher
 - instruction in Polish
Akcesoria dołączone do tablicy

 Self assembly kit.


Dimension: Unfolded array - 110x45x50cm; folded -110x15x50cm
Destiny:over 36 months
Weight: 2.95kg

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