1x2 splitter Talvico car lighter socket

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Car lighter can not only be a lighter.

Rozdzielacz 1x2 gniazda zapalniczki samochodowej

Car lighter can not only be a lighter

You don't know if you'll need a gadget like that cigarette lighter splitter ? Sometimes while traveling, not only the phone will fall down, but the navigation will suddenly run out or the passenger from the back seat would be happy to see something on the tablet and the battery weak. Looking for the right one  adapter to the car lighter socket  it is worth considering what exactly we will need this product for, and above all how many sockets we need. A universal solution will certainly prove to be car cigarette lighter adapter  for 2 12V sockets. The way to use the splitter is very simple, just plug it into the cigarette lighter socket and connect new devices to it and we can enjoy the operation of two devices at the same time.

Zdjęcie z praktycznego zastosowania rozdzielacza zapalniczki samochodowej

What should you remember when using a cigarette lighter adapter?

During use distributors for cigarette lighter sockets  we must remember that the sum of the power of devices connected to the splitter must not exceed the load capacity of the socket in our car. Talvico manifold  allows the power supply from one car lighter socket to be split into two different devices. The maximum current supplied by the distributor in total is 10A. This is a particularly useful gadget for those who use several electronic devices in the car  e.g. phone, CB radio, anti-radar, GPS navigation, MP3, DVD, MP4, IPOD, PDA and all others working on 12V. This particular splitter has a replaceable 10A fuse and a copper spring. The red LED on the device indicates power on.

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