Interactive Robosmok Dinosaur B23E XL


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Are there any children here who don't love dinosaurs?

Interaktywny Robosmok

What will make your child enjoy the most? Buy a great dragon on the remote control.

Interactive toys , as we all know, stimulate all senses and encourage learning through play. Each of these toys encourages the child to do something. Teaches cause and effect principle, develops speech  and psychomotor functions. Such a toy is the best gift for each child. And a toy like this great dinosaur  it's fun for a long time. We guarantee that your child has not had much fun playing. This dragon is not only appearance and movement, but also a sound imitating a dragon roar. It's perfectly made  interactive controlled robot  pilot.

Pilot zdalnego sterowania

An interactive dinosaur is a dream gift for every child.

Why we urge you to buy  interactive dragon ? Because it is the perfect toy that will give a lot of joy to a child. This dragon  is a real monster controlled by a remote control. It moves in every direction dynamically and quickly reacting. This  dinosaur  not only walks, he also moves his neck and can make realistic noises. It is made of high quality materials, all elements are flexible, which adds grace to the dragon during movement. The dragon has built-in defensive sensors on its head. It weighs over a kilo, so it's not just any toy. The dragon and the remote control are powered by batteries (you can buy them when buying a dinosaur right away in our store).

Dinozaur zdalnie sterowany B23E z pilotem

 Product features:
 - remote control
 - flexible construction elements reflect the realism of the toy
 - defensive sensors in the head
 - the dragon moves in every direction
 - realistic noises

 Below a photo of real toys and packaging:

Dinozaur zdalnie sterowany B23E zdjęcie real


Power:Dragon: 6x1.5V AA, remote control 3x1.5V AA

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polecam bardzo fajny dinozaur jak dla chłopca który niczego oprócz dinozaurów nie widzi. super


polecam super materiał nie wgniata się solidna zabawka


polecam super prezent