Mole and rodent repeller 15082 XXL Solar


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Blind, but your garden will find

Odstraszacz kretów i gryzoni 15082 XXL z opakowaniem

Do you have a damaged lawn? Do you want to get rid of pests from your garden?

Not only gardeners, but also those who have lawns hate moles. These messy mounds of crumbling soil will spoil even the most beautiful lawn and make mowing difficult.  Mole  digging underground corridors damages the roots of plants that wither. The mole is leaving  useful earthworms. But a mole is not only a pest. You have to remember that thanks to him we have aerated soil and that this animal eats, among others one of the most dangerous plagues of the garden - turkey biting. Unfortunately, it's hard to see the positive effects of such a guest's visit looking at the damaged lawn. But let's not be brutal, try to get rid of the intruder with non-threatening agents. That is why various kinds were created repellents .

Odstraszacz kretów i gryzoni grafiki poglądowe

How to scare a mole from the garden?

Our repellent  acts on animals such as: moles, voles, field mice, ground squirrels, ground squirrels. There is nothing simpler than its service, we just stick it to the ground wherever we want. Repeller embedded in the soil  emits sounds with variable frequency (400-1000 Hz) which are inaudible and  harmless to man  and pets. The sound is emitted every 30 seconds and with him vibrations inside the rod  driven into the ground, they cause  vibes spreading to approx. 1000 square meters. The whole device is completely maintenance free. Weather and water resistant. It is powered by solar energy, during the whole day the battery is charged via solar plates. We note that the range of the repeller depends on the soil in which it will be driven. Dry and sandy ground attenuates sound waves and the protection area can be reduced by up to half. The best results are obtained with moist or loamy soil. We will wait a minimum of 5 days for the effects.

Ogrodowy ostraszacz przeciw kretom

 It scares away animals:
 Field mice,
 Ground squirrels,
 And many others.

Solarny odstraszacz kretów i gryzoni

 Set contains:
 Brand new repeller
 Original packaging
 VAT invoice or receipt


Diameter:bar: 35 mm, plate with solar cell: 156 mm
Length:460 mm, solar cell: 95 mm
Range:approx. 1000 square meters
Width:solar cell: 75 mm

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