3.5 kW electric heater Powermat PM-NAG-3.5EK

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Nagrzewnica elektryczna 3,5KW

What are the heaters for?

Electric heater  is used for quick heating of closed rooms. Wherever it is not profitable to assume continuous heating, e.g. in garages, workshops, greenhouses or even in churches. heaters  are also great for dehumidification  newly renovated buildings. Rough heaters can be divided into three groups, oil, gas and electrical . Gas only suitable for well ventilated and ventilated rooms. Oil also in places where open fire can be used. While  electric heaters they only need power, they are small, they can be used indoors, they are efficient and quiet.

Powermat PM-NAG-3.5EK panel przedni nagrzewnicy

What heater will you recommend?

Powermat electric heater  PM-NAG-3.5EK is a great choice. It is equipped with a thermostat and overheating protection. It is adapted to continuous operation, has two levels of power regulation (1750 W and 3500 W).  Thermostat allows for precise  temperature setting that we want to achieve in the room. When the required temperature is reached, the heater will switch itself off. Thick power cables mean greater safety of use.  Powermat heater  has a metal casing protecting the fan and heater against various damages. The compact dimensions allow it to be placed anywhere and improve transport and storage.

Powermat PM-NAG-3.5EK Nagrzewnica elektryczna 3,5KW

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