2.5 kW electric heater Powermat PM-NAG-2.5EK

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They don't heat everywhere all the time

Nagrzewnica elektryczna 2,5KW

What types of heaters are there?

heaters  we can be divided into three groups, oil, gas and electric. Gas can be used only in well ventilated rooms, which are ventilated.  Oil heaters  we can only use where open flame can be used. The third group of heaters is  electric heaters.  They are quiet, small, efficient and we can use them in closed rooms. In every building where we need it warm  at the moment, where no continuous heating installed . Greenhouses, garages, churches, but heaters are also great  for drying newly refurbished  buildings.

Powermat PM-NAG-2.5EK panel przedni nagrzewnicy

Which heater should I choose?

Electric heater  is  for fast heating closed rooms.  Powermat heater  PM-NAG-2.5EK is equipped with a thermostat and overheat protection. It is adapted to continuous operation. The casing made of metal protects the fan and heater well against various external damages. The heater has two levels of heating power adjustment - 1250 W and 2500 W. Heater thermostat  allows you to precisely set the temperature you want to achieve in the room. The dimensions of the heater allow it to be easily transported, which is further facilitated by a comfortable, profiled handle. Solid grounded plug and thick power cords ensure high operational safety.

Powermat PM-NAG-2.5EK Nagrzewnica elektryczna 2,5KW

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