Power Bank 2xUSB 1xmicroUSB EPW10 10000mAh flashlight

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Power Bank EPW10 10000mAh z latarką

What to consider when buying a Powerbank?

Probably each of us has already experienced a situation when we suddenly fell down our phone or tablet suddenly lost power. No power outlet within sight's reach and we need a phone right now. And these are the small portable ones  energy banks.  It doesn't take up a lot of space and a charged one can save us from a seemingly hopeless situation. choosing POWERBANK let's just follow two criteria in total, how much energy you need and where you intend to wear a powerbank ? Capacity is important because it depends on how much time you add to your phone. And size, in this case is colossal. If it is always to be with you for emergency situations from time to time then small powerbank  with a capacity of up to 5000 mAh, it's enough for you.

What powerbank do you recommend?

recommend  model EPW10 , this powerbank equipped with a battery level indicator will quickly charge connected devices with increased energy demand thanks to the 2.1A output current. An additional advantage of this power bank is  flashlight function which is great for emergency dark situations. The model was made of high quality materials and was equipped with a number of protections. The small size will allow you to always have it with you. Don't be surprised when traveling with a lack of connectivity with the world.  The capacity of this power bank is 10,000 mAh , so as you can see a small powerbank but also roomy.
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