Audio LTC Rock PA200 BT harvester, SD, USB, FM, REC, MIC, RGB

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This is not a playing suitcase on wheels

Kombajn Audio LTC Rock PA200

What to consider when choosing a wireless speaker?

The era has arrived  portable speakers . We are no longer condemned to play with music only in the conditions of the range of the electric network or doomed to thin music from the phone outdoors. Portable speakers  more and more often found on the streets are already taking various forms and sizes. If we just want to give style to the city carrying a sound source under the armpit or in a backpack, a small one is enough for us mobile speakers . But, if we plan and party the way we look, with decibels in a large space, if we want to entertain guests by participating in Karaoke, we must invest in decent equipment. And that's it music harvester  we offer here.


What do you think about this Audio LTC Rock PA200 speaker?

We recommend all amateurs to have fun with a decent beat. Excellent sound quality, 600 W power. Send music via USB, read from an SD card, connect what you want to the analog AUX input, and the module  Bluetooth will download music from 10 meters  from your smartphone. The USB input allows for  recharging equipment in case of power loss. Two  microphones with a range of up to 30 meters they allow you to travel a considerable distance from the speaker. This speaker is not only player  Your muse too  built-in radio . And the appearance of the speaker is a combination of technology and modern solutions. Built-in LEDs and backlighting are a thunderous impression on your guests. Extremely convenient to carry thanks to wheels and handles. Charged will entertain the audience for a continuous 4 hours.

LTC Rock PA200 nagłośnienie przenośne 600W plus mikrofony

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