Two LTC MIC04 wireless microphones set

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The king of the party is coming

Dwa mikrofony bezprzewodowe plus stacja bazowa LTC MIC04

Does such a microphone system work?

If you organize often  karaoke evenings  or you run various other events then you should invest in professional equipment. Sometimes alone microphone and computer  it is not enough. There are already sets on the market that offer greater possibilities of connecting any equipment with each other. Such set with microphones  it's a small cost and we get in return great sound system  and wireless. We sell all on this page set with two microphones from LTC . Make yourself sound system that will allow you to play music professionally. Plus two independent ones microphones  they give two people a chance to play at once. You will organize a Karaoke evening that no one will forget for a long time.

Mikrofony bezprzewodowe. Duży bybór na

The LTC MIC04 set is an excellent way of wireless sound system

Such a set consists of a base station, two microphones, a cable and an adapter. Extremely simple installation and the ability to connect everyone a device with a microphone input . You can go crazy and create sets with a mixer , loudspeakers or amplifiers. And the Jack 6.3 to Jack 3.5 mm adapter. it's just more possibilities. The microphones operate at different frequencies, so they can work simultaneously without interfering with each other. The latest technology used in this set eliminates any noise and interference. The microphones are powered by batteries that last for a long time

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