LTC MIC01 wireless hand microphone

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Mikrofon bezprzewodowy do ręki LTC MIC01

How do you choose a good microphone?

What we will do  use a wireless microphone , is one of the key factors in his choice. Different  microphone  a singer chooses, a singing dancer or fitness instructor will find a completely different microphone useful. And another microphone will work well with the guitar or wind instruments. Our microphone is ordinary  hand microphone , for amateur performances, for conducting a host or for example speaking  perfect wireless microphone . For a small price you will receive a microphone with which you will lead any party or organize an unforgettable experience at the karaoke evening.

LTC MIC01 Mikrofon bezprzewodowy USB

Is the LTC Microphone a Good Choice?

LTC microphone  it's a perfect microphone for wireless sound systems . Great parameters and low price make this microphone the product most often chosen by amateurs of the host. Here, in addition, we still receive  USB stick , which one is it UHF microphone receiver . We will use it in virtually any device equipped with a USB input and a microphone input. Installing this set is the simplest thing under the sun. The receiver is inserted into the USB input on the device (column, mixer) and using the included cable with Jack 6.3 and Jack 3.5 mm terminals connect this stick with the microphone input on the device. The only thing to remember when connecting is total volume down  volume in the microphone.  This tiny stick has an additional built-in USB port, which gives us the option of connecting to it a carrier with songs. One USB input and the ability to connect two devices.


Frequency:738.6 MHz
Microphone power supply: 2 x AA
Range:15 meters
Receiver power supply: 5 V DC (USB)

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