Wireless keyboard with BLOW 84-252 remote control

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A flying mouse does not always turn out to be a bat

Klawiatura bezprzewodowa z pilotem BLOW 84-252

Do you know what Air Mouse means?

Wireless smart keyboard  with the Air Mouse function is a sensational device that allows  multimedia control in a wide range. It is a combination of keyboard, mouse and remote control functionality. Such devices are perfect for browsing the internet, control in games  and as  SmartTV remote control.  Such keyboards are generally simple to install, solidly constructed and have a wide range. If you have never had to deal with  Air Mouse function , you definitely have to try it. It's like operating a magic wand in the air. Simple gestures and the pointer on the screen comes to life and follows each movement of this "wand".

Klawiatura smart BLOW 84-252 AIR MOUSE

Which keyboard with Air Mouse should I choose?

Our  wireless keyboard  will allow you to operate many different devices from a considerable distance. This perfect baby will be used for all your needs, from multimedia shows to daily entertainment on a console or computer. A range of 15 meters will suit everyone. Installation is simple "plug and use".  AirMouse function  it doesn't require any drivers or any additional configuration, regardless of what you connect the device to, whether it is a computer, tablet or maybe SmartTV. Our  keyboard is a solid performance that goes hand in hand with elegance and ergonomics.

Klawiatura bezprzewodowa z pilotem BLOW 84-252


Compatible:with systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android
Dimensions:155 x 65 x 25 mm
Functions:keyboard + mouse + multimedia, AIR MOUSE
Material: ABS plastic
Power consumption: in operation: 8-16mA, in standby: 6mA, in sleep: 0.01mA
Range:about 15m

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