Hogert HT1S982 electric voltage tester


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Próbnik napięcia elektrycznego Hogert HT1S982

What is the difference between voltage testers?

Classic and best more often used sampler , this is the so-called neon lamp, a transparent housing and a filament inside that will light when applied to a live element. They are right behind him voltage testers  contactless, then there are unipolar, bipolar followed by multimeters. Some will say that  we can check the voltage  two bulbs connected in series, but we do not have to play so quickly ordinary voltage tester  costs a pair of zlotys and is so easy to use. This is the most common  voltage tester , which can even be used by someone who has no idea about electricity.
Próbówka do prądu Hogert HT1S982

Is such a normal voltage tester sufficient to check sockets and wires?

Electrical voltage tester  Hogert HT1S982 is the most common voltage tester, but as usual, the simplest things are the best. As they say "if something is for everything, it is for nothing" With this simple probe you can check is the socket live?  or is the current flowing through the cable . Suitable for voltages between 100 and 500 volts. The sampler is very light, easy to use and very comfortable. It has a belt clip so you don't have to worry about getting lost. The probe tip is flat with a width of 3 millimeters. When the tip touches a live component and when you put your finger to the tip of the probe, the filament in the center of the tool lights up.


Destiny:For work under voltage 100-500 V
Hook:Ergonomic belt
Indicator:presence of voltage - light
Sample grot:flat 3 mm

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