Keyboard and mouse Media-Tech Camrose Wireless MT1420

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Zestaw bezprzewodowy klawiatura i mysz Media-Tech

Keyboard for cable or wireless?

Are you facing the choice of keyboard? Too much choice? Once stood on a shelf keyboard  with a long cable and no one thought about the arrangement of the keys, the range, the backlight and the least thought about its shape. Now we have at least several types of keyboards, flexible, laser, shared, ergonomic, professional. And we, faced with such a choice, begin to wonder whether  wireless keyboard  can keep up with games? Whether  keyboard range  will be enough? We buy immediately mouse  are we looking elsewhere? And the price is too expensive? Is this too cheap? Will you let us help you in your choice?

Media-Tech Camrose Wireless MT1420

What does this keyboard have to choose?

You should be interested  such a keyboard - Camrose Wireless  MT1420. You will ask why Because buying such  keyboard included you have a mouse right away. Thanks to 2.4 Ghz technology, both devices operate within 10 meters! What else is cool about this set? That they work on one common  nano receiver . The eight keys most commonly used in games are blue, which allows you to locate them quickly. The mouse has a comfortable shape  adapted for right and left handed people. The mouse is equipped with a high-resolution one optical sensor  800/1000/1600 CPI, which ensures smooth and precise work.

Klawiatura bezprzewodowa

 Desktop layout with 104 keys
 Power supply: one AA alkaline battery (not included)
 Cursor and WSAD keys in a different color

Mysz bezprzewodowa

 3 buttons
 Scrolling roll
 Variable resolution 800/1000/1600 CPI
 Power supply: 2x AAA alkaline batteries (not included)

Zestaw bezprzewodowy klawiatura i mysz Media-Tech


Compatibility:from Windows 7/8/10
Interface: USB
Power:2x AAA batteries
Range:up to 10m

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