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Sometimes tanning is tiring

Opalarka elektryczna Powermat PM-OP-2000

What are electric heaters for?

What are they for electric heat guns ? It would be easier to list things for which they are not useful. This device in most descriptions has removing old paints , varnishes and veneers, and heat guns not only perfectly remove all old paints clean. With hot air we can disconnect old soldering, combine plastic things, you can  kindle , you can tear, defrost, relax, bend and dry. Uses for electric heat gun  there are so many that it is difficult to list them all here. Depending on what nozzle for the heat gun we will use such an application we will get.

Opalarka Powermat PM-OP-2000 plus dysze

Which electric heat gun do you recommend?

We recommend POWERMAT electric heat gun  PM-OP-2000. This heat gun with 2000 W power  producing a temperature of about 600 degrees Celsius. You will use it for any housework, renovation, lighting the grill, isolating, and any other work where you need a high temperature.

Opalarka Powermat PM-OP-2000 plus walizka

Heat Gun  has a switch for setting the temperature in the range of 1 degree to 350 degrees Celsius and from 2 degrees to 600 ℃. The heat gun's cable is protected with a rubber cover ensuring the cable against kinking.  Comes with a heat gun  there are 4 tips and a scraper with a plastic handle. The heat gun's casing is made of high quality, non-heating material.

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 4 tips (nozzles)
 Instruction PL

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