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Protect your hands from a cruel grater

Szatkownica elektryczna Camry CR 4804

Is a Camry chopper a good choice?

If you like cooking, you often have guests, you have a large family or you just like to eat it well  electric chopper  will definitely be useful in your kitchen. You can do great with grating on a grater, chop with a knife, or cut with a vegetable guillotine, but with more vegetables or fruit to process it begins to be tiring. You can buy shredders  manual, they facilitate the work for sure, but they will not do all vegetables well and with a large amount of such  shredding  it's getting hard. By contrast, putting an electric chopper makes your work easier and speeds up the work in the kitchen.

Szatkownica Camry CR 4804 z zestawem tarek

What to look for when buying a slicer?

The most important thing is to adapt the device to your needs. note  how many tips for shredding  has the model. Our  mandoline  this  Camry model  CR 4804. This is  multifunctional slicer model  with five replaceable cutting inserts. Easy to wash and easy to use. The blades of this slicer are stainless steel of the highest quality. Camry chopper  was made with attention to the smallest detail and its refined appearance attracts attention. Will help you chop up  cut out  and to rub . You will protect your fingers and delight guests with the richness of prepared dishes.

Opakowanie szatkownicy Camry CR 4804

 Cutting inserts:
 For coarse friction (vegetables and fruits)
 For fine friction (vegetables and fruit)
 For thick slices (vegetables and fruits)
 For thin slices (vegetables and fruits)
 For grating potatoes and zucchini into pies

Camry CR 4804 w sklepie


Button:Big and convenient button to turn on
Power:220-240V ~ 50Hz

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