Dafi Omega 4.0 L LED filter jug, white

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We all like savings

Dzbanek filtrujący Dafi Omega 4,0 L LED plus filtr unimax

How to save money on water

We drink water all the time, buy and tachamy bottles with bottles instead of just stocking up  water filter jug.  The water in our taps is drinkable and is not worse than the one we buy. So why? buy jugs with filters you ask? Well  filters remove chlorine , it won't hurt us, because these are trace amounts, but  chlorine changes the taste of water.  And yet Water hardness . the filter softens the water  without removing all calcium and magnesium, because our body likes them, but definitely reduces the amount so that  do not stone our kettles . Filtering jugs are all pros and cons.  Dafi filter jug  in white color will perfectly match your kitchen.

Dzbanek filtrujący Dafi Omega 4,0 L LED widok z kilku stron

Which pitcher with filter should you choose?

Water filtering  it is cheap and we will quickly refund the purchase of a filter jug. And by the way we will show care for the environment by getting rid of plastic water bottles from our lives.  Water jugs  they have ceased to be plastic mascaras straight from the PRL, now we have a choice among colors, shapes and their additional functions. In our subjective opinion  Dafi company  is a leader among manufacturers of such filter jugs.  Dafi Omega jug , is a modern shape and a large volume, as much as 2 liters of filtered water. The LED sensor, or indicator, will measure  filter wear level  and give a signal when it needs to be replaced. In the set with the jug we will receive  Standard Unimax filter . The capacity of this filter is approx. 150-200 liters of water. Such the filter removes pesticides , chlorine, heavy metals and organic pollutants.

Dzbanek do filtrowania wody Dafi Omega 4,0 L LED


Capacity:4.0 l of filtered water: 2.0 l
Filter: Unimax (included)
Indicator:LED sensor
Performance: filter: approx. 150-200 l of water (depending on its quality)

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