Mistral MI-SAT45 satellite dish 45cm parabola

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Antena satelitarna 45 cm Mistral

Which mobile antenna should you choose?

Camping TVs  or motorhomes no longer surprise anyone. On a long trip or camping we can take a small flat screen TV set and e.g. a DVD player. But if we want to watch our favorite program, do not miss a match or a beloved good night child we must stock up and  mobile antenna for receiving television signals.

Mistral MI-SAT45 antena sat, widok z przodu i z boku

Antenna it should be decent, from specific materials, work with tuners and TVs and have specific power. Sure, you can take the first better box off the shelf in the store, with the inscription satellite antennas , but let's not be surprised then by the lack of image on the TV screen.

Zasięg programów satelitarnych w Europie

Will the MI-SAT45 pass the exam?

We offer you  MI-SAT45 antenna , it is a strong and practical antenna with the converter included. Ideally suited to take with you on a journey. The antenna is made of the highest quality aluminum and its parabolic shape  high profit converter  signal give us the power we need to receive programs. A plate with a diagonal of only 45 centimeters, but with the above-mentioned advantages, beats those with a diameter of 60 centimeters.

Mistral MI-SAT45 zdjęcie real anteny przed złożeniem

 The antenna is ready to cooperate from the time of unpacking and gets along perfectly with  TVs and tuners DVB-S / S2. It's power, practicality and quality in one. And quality is guaranteed  Mistral company , which, as it says about itself, "we produce for customers expecting the highest quality."

Zdjęcie opakowania anteny satelitarnej Mistral MI-SAT45

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