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This is not a tear squeezer

Wyciskacz szkieletowy PRO BW-03

Have you heard the name skeleton gun?

Glue squeezers , silicone or other material from the tube, these are commonly guns.  Hand squeezers  have skeletal structure and hence their skeletal name. The principle of this squeezer is the simplest possible, we put in the magazine  tube with material  then we press the trigger moving the piston and we can start work. these skeletal squeezers  may differ from each other in how they are made, in what material or in that they have additional functions. The simplest models should already have protection against digging the contents of the tube, so let's pay attention to this when buying.

Wyciskacz szkieletowy do silikonu, kleju  oraz innych materiałów uszczelniających.

Great for renovation works, the PRO BW-03 skeletal juicer

Skeleton pistol PRO  BW-03 has a strong steel body. It is equipped with a ratchet mechanism that prevents dripping of the material during extrusion. The hexagonal piston section ensures work optimization. The length with the piston extended is 35 centimeters. This specific skeleton gun  is used for working with 300 milliliter containers. The device is necessary for installation or construction works. Without such a tool it is difficult to apply e.g. silicon  to the right places. Make your job easier and buy PRO BW-03 skeleton squeezer  and your  sealing will be extremely effective.

PRO BW-03 zdjęcie real wyciskacza

Description :

 Ratchet mechanism with anti-drip protection.
 Hexagonal piston cross section.


Application: with 300 ml containers
Body:steel, skeletal
Length: 350 mm (with retracted piston)

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