Car converter 12V / 230V 200W / 400W BLOW 4382

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Does the unloaded equipment on the road drive you crazy?

Przetwornica samochodowa 12V/230V 200W/400W

What is an inverter and what is it for?

inverter is a device that connects to the cigarette lighter or car battery. The inverter changes the voltage  12 volts from 230 volt installations. So it changes direct current to alternating current. So much general information. When buying a converter, we need to know what equipment we will most often connect to it. And here comes the time for power. Is  rated power  and  maximum power . Nominal power is that the inverter draws continuously  while the maximum power is the power needed to start, to start the connected device.  converters  we choose so that the device that we connect to the converter has a power not exceeding 85% of the rated power.

Przetwornica 12V/230V 200W BLOW 4382

Which inverter performs its tasks best?

BLOW electronic voltage converter  characterized by reliability, reliability and safety of use. The housing of this converter is entirely aluminum, which promotes heat dissipation. In addition, inside the enclosure there is a small silent fan that additionally cools the systems. Security is provided by safeguards such as overload protection , thermal or even  antyzwarciowe . The inverter has an auto-restart function, this function will allow the inverter to start automatically when any protection is enabled. Complete with inverter  there are mounting cables for the battery. Ideal for passenger cars with 12 V.
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