LTE antennas 2 pcs. SMA HUAWEI B593, B315, B525, E5186 etc 1153357

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Anteny LTE 2szt. SMA

How can you strengthen the LTE signal?

If you already have quite weak signal Well, the connection breaks at the least convenient moment for you, we have great advice for that. The reason for the poor coverage there are often thick walls, windows, other electronic devices, and a host of other factors. And the solution is simple, you have to increase the signal strength. And that it is usually behind the weak signal insufficient antenna power just change antenna to the router . Usually the ones that are used in most of our routers are only 2 dBi (compared to the isotropic antenna) and you can achieve a lot more by changing the antenna.

Anteny LTE z łączem SMA

Which antenna for the router should I choose?

The strength of each antenna is measured in dBi, or colloquially speaking, it is the gain that determines its power in relation to the isotropic antenna. If you want to extend the range, strengthen it and stabilize it at the same time you need a decent antenna. Like these: two energy gain antennas + 10 dBi. They strengthen the strands 800MHz - 900MHz, 1700MHz - 2100MHz, - 2500MHz - 2600MHz. Their length is 190mm. SMA connector fits most LTE routers on the Polish market. (E.g. for Huawei B593, B315, B525, E5186 etc.). Let us just mention that we will also achieve greater range by screwing the antenna to a laptop, for example.

Dwie anteny LTE zdjęcie real


In the case of electrical equipment, they are provided with a European plug C, E or F.

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