Wireless Workout MT3587 bluetooth headphones

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Do you like music company?

Słuchawki bezprzewodowe Media-Tech WORKOUT BT MT3587

Do not be tied to cables, use wireless sports headphones

If you like the company of music while running, and wasting time while cleaning is not your style, because you like to use the maximum time, then you must have stocked up wireless sports headphones.  It is thanks to them that you can do various physical activities listen to the muse , podcasts, books or just the radio. Don't waste your time and don't limit yourself with cables. Sport headphones  is a convenient option for active people, they are distinguished by their lightweight design, small size and comfort of use. We We recommend WORKOUT BT MT3587 sports headphones.

Słuchawki bluetooth 1.4 Media-Tech WORKOUT BT MT3587

Why should you choose WORKOUT BT MT3587 sports headphones?

Because it  best sport headphones  Bluetooth V4.1. They have a built-in microphone, they are powered by a very durable lithium polymer battery. When fully charged, they last for 2 hours of continuous listening. In standby up to 120 hours! All headphones control buttons are on hand and anti-shock hooks guarantee freedom during physical movement. High stereo quality , energy efficiency, easy notification notification with a diode and compatibility with most devices that have a bluetooth module are just some of the advantages of these headphones.

Media-Tech WORKOUT BT MT3587 w opakowaniu

 Headphone features:

 Easy pairing and operation
 Volume control and answer / end button
 Can be paired with 2 devices
 Up to 2 hours of talk time or listening to music and up to 120 hours of standby time when fully charged
 Comfortable, shockproof ear hooks
 Works with most BT interfaces on smartphones and mobile phones.

Słuchawki WORKOUT BT MT3587 z mikrofonem

 Charging takes place through the micro USB socket, which is located on the cable on the remote control.

Słuchawki bluetooth BT MT3587 do smattfona

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