2.1 Bluetooth Media-Tech VOLTRON MT3330 speakers


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You no longer have to buy a tower, radio or other playing sets

Głośniki 2.1 Bluetooth VOLTRON MT3330

Advantages of the Voltron 2.1 BT speaker set

Now you don't need to have big playing sets to listen to music. We don't have to wonder if these  speakers will interact with the tower we already have. Now the speakers alone are enough, but they must be good speakers. Voltron 2.1 speaker set  it's amazing high sound quality , deep and clean bass as well as convenient and simple operation. An additional advantage of the speakers is the wooden subwoofer. Such housing has an impact on the quality and strength of the sound.

Głośniki 2.1 Bluetooth Media-Tech

 Speakers we can connect to computers, TVs, consoles or HIFI sets, but we only need a memory card or penrive to listen to music.

VOLTRON MT3330 widok z przodu

Three channel speaker set from Media Tech is a product for connoisseurs

The unique design combined with the power and purity of the sound leaves a unique impression. The Bluetooth interface allows you to connect various media with music.  The speakers will read the music  also from SD card and memory stick. A 3.5 mm jack connector will allow for connecting each audio source . The whole power of the set is 35 W RMS. The speaker stands on four anti-slip feet.

MT3330 3-kanałowy zestaw głośników Bluetooth

 The VOLTRON 2.1 BT set is:
 High quality and spaciousness of sound,
 Clear, deep bass
 Many application possibilities
 Easy and convenient operation.
 2 satellites and a subwoofer
 Magnetically shielded
 Volume and bass control
 FM radio with telescopic antenna
 Automatic channel search
 Mp3 player
 Built-in USB and SD cards
 Wooden bass speaker enclosure
 Signal input: 3.5 mm jack

MT3330 zdjęcie opakowania


Bluetooth: 2.1
Dimensions:160x232x270 mm (woofer), 100x150x83mm (satellite)
Output power:PMPO 900W, RMS: 35W
Power: 230V mains
Transfer band: 20 ~ 20,000 Hz
Weight: 3,1kg

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dla mnie bardzo dobry leciutki głośnik!


polecam super bas!

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