Hanging garden swing L74E Modular 3-in-1


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Huśtawka ogrodowa modułowa 3w1 L74E

What does it mean that the swing is modular?

Every child loves to swing, so let's buy him joy  modular swing,  which can be mounted both on the garden and on the terrace, balcony or in the apartment. Regardless of the weather, your child will have a small playground in his home. Children's swings  modular is a great solution because it "grows" with your child. From the moment the child is able to sit until they reach the age of 6-7 years, the swing can be used. Do not hesitate and buy your child  modular 3-in-1 swing that too great gift idea when you go to see a foreign toddler.

Huśtawka zdkęcia opakowania

 How does the swing grow with the child?
 A colorful car seat made of weather-resistant plastic is hung on durable cords. Modular swings are designed so that after disassembly of some parts they serve slightly older children.

Wisząca huśtawka dla dzieci

 At 0d 6 months to 3 years old the child sits in a chair secured by a backrest and a front rail. After reaching the age of 3, we can remove the safety barrier and the child can rest on the lines freely. An older child no longer needs a backrest, so we pull off the backrest.

Huśtawka 3w1 rośnie z Twoim dzieckiem

Swing it is in vibrant colors, completely safe for the child. All the elements needed to mount the swing are included in the set.

Bezpieczne mocowanie huśtawki


Additional functions:front protection removed
Dimensions: 46x28
Length: strands: approx 170cm
Links:durable nylon

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