Wireless glass kettle 1.5 L Mesko MS 1245


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Coffe, tea?

Czajnik bezprzewodowy szklany 1,5 L Mesko MS 1245

How to clean a glass electric kettle?

Most of us have changed a long time ago gas kettles for these more modern electrics. Electric Kettles there is a plethora of stores, shapes, sizes, materials from which they were made, colors, really the choice is sometimes hard. If you came here it means that you like it glass jug . However, are you afraid of how it will look after prolonged use? Don't worry, sooner or later in every kettle stone collects . To delay a bit stone buildup we recommend using filtered water.

We'll tell you how to do it here cleaning the kettle from stones at home, without chemistry and effortlessly. The first method is to pour a half vinegar solution with water into the kettle and let stand for about an hour. Then you only need to boil a few times and pour out the water. The next way is citric acid - 5 teaspoons per kettle of water. Leave for the night, then the same as after cleaning with vinegar. Most kids' favorite drink - cola - cola will also do great when mixed with water. And the last way is to boil potato peels, this is the method of our grandmothers.

Opakowanie czajnika Mesko MS 1245

We recommend a beautiful glass kettle Mesko MS 1245

Now that you know how to keep your kettle clean, we invite you to read this description a beautiful kettle . The power of 2200W allows you to immediately boil 1.5 liters of water and it is calm enough to drink six, seven people at a time. The kettle has an indicator water level, so you cook as much as you need at once. You can boil only 0.5 liters of water in it. After boiling, the kettle will switch itself off. It also has protection against turning on the empty kettle.

Mesko MS 1245 czajnik ze szkła

The sediment filter will stop any impurities. The swivel base is convenient for you, because you always have the handle from the side that suits you best.

Mesko MS 1245 czajnik bezprzewodowy 2200W


Capacity:max: 1.5l, min: 0.5l
Function:Swivel base and flat bottom
Filter: retaining calcium deposits
Heater: made of stainless steel
Indicator: water level with scale
Lamp: control
Power: 1850-2200W
Shutdown:Automatic when the water boils

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