A cup blender with a chopper. Crushes ice

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CR 4058
There is nothing like mixing it yourself

Blender kielichowy Camry CR 4058

If you like smoothies, creams and cocktails then you must have a blender in your kitchen

If you love different kinds  koktaje , soups, creams, shakes and other delicacies, you should invest in a decent blender. What is it a decent blender ? One that can handle mixing, cutting and shredding many  different hardness of products . After all, in a blender we can prepare not only liquid or semi-liquid specialties, but we can in it shred , chop or else  shatter . Therefore, let's buy wisely blender with decent power , with strong knives, adjustable speed and what is also worth attention, the appearance. Camry Blender  has all the features of a device that may become indispensable in your kitchen ..

Blender z rozdrabniaczem Camry CR 4058

Let yourself be seduced by the smooth blending with the Camry CR 4058

Camry CR 4058  is a 1500 Watt device with a beautiful glass goblet with durable blades and an additional attachment. Four stainless steel blades  they will crush even harder products. A 1500W motor will let you crush ice and this will allow you to make delicious granite.  Blender  has two speeds and a pulse function that increases the speed of knife rotation. The blender jar has a capacity of 1.3 liters and is made of solid glass.

Opakowanie Camry CR 4058

In a set with a blender  we will get a smaller shredder that we can use as a mill for e.g. nuts, onions or even meat.

Camry CR 4058 kruszy lód

 This  Camry blender  appreciated among professionals in the processing of fruit and vegetables, and one of the largest La-Sad juice producing companies recommends using this particular model.

Camry CR 4058 Blender kielichowy 1500W


Capacity: 1.3 L.
Equipment:Shredder / grinder
Execution: glass jug
Edge:made of stainless steel
Function: Pulse, crushing ice
Maximum power: 1500 watts
Speed:2 levels

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