Wireless bluetooth headphones with K432C1 radio

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Headphones are not just headphones anymore

Bezprzewodowe słuchawki bluetooth z radiem K432C1

Buy headphones for grazing

Today  headphones  it's not only the earmuffs connected with a cable to a sound source, it's equipment with full equipment. Now, it's not enough that the cable is not tangled with them yet will play music  from various storage media or from a memory card. In addition, some of them have built-in radio.  And the phone connection? Imagine running while listening to music and the phone rings suddenly, in other headphones you would have to stand, remove them from your ear, take the phone out of your pocket and start a conversation. With these headphones you don't have to do this, they will allow you to have a conversation without a break in running.

Słuchawki bluetooth z radiem K432C1 składane

Why limit yourself? Buy K432C1 wireless headphones

K432C1 headphones  this high sound quality  and comfort of use. You can listen to your favorite music from any equipment equipped with Bluetooth, laptop, telephone, tablet. We can also use a micro SD card with pre-loaded music or listen to the radio that is built into these specific headphones.

Słuchawki bluetooth K432C1 zdjęcie opakowania

 You get it with these headphones extra sound  with strong bass, undisturbed noise.

Słuchawki bluetooth K432C1 z baterią i ładowarką USB

 Product features:
 Built-in Bluetooth, wireless connection
 Built-in microphone, making phone calls
 Built-in FM radio, the ability to listen to radio stations, automatically save stations
 Micro SD card reader, listening to music stored on a memory card
 Alarm on a new phone call
 3.5mm Jack aux-in connector
 ON / OFF switch
 Play / stop music
 Receiving / Ending phone calls
 Volume adjustment +/-

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