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 What is more reliable in babysitting than an electronic nanny?

Niania elektroniczna Lionelo Babyline 5.1

Whatever you do, you always have an eye on your child thanks to the Lionelo baby monitor

In the past, you had to do various household activities very quickly, listening to whether the baby sometimes woke up. And it was completely unthinkable to go out into the garden or, for example, jump into the basement. Now we have electronic nannies , they provide us with uninterrupted eye contact with our child. They have a large range, of course the best ones, have built-in microphones for voice contact as well as various other amenities. We can leave the sleeping baby and leave his room without fear.

Lionelo Babyline 5.1 niania z dwoma kamerami

 There are a lot of such devices on the market, so sometimes it's hard to decide  which baby monitor is the best ?

Lionelo Babyline 5.1 komunikacja dwustronna

The Lionelo Babyline 5.1 baby monitor will meet the highest requirements

Why we love the company so much Lionelo ? For comprehensive, refined and certified baby items . That's the way it is  baby monitor  this company. Double-sided, that is, it sends us not only voice and image in one direction, but we can also calm down the child  our voice from a considerable distance. The nanny range is up to 300 meters. Nanny has two cameras in the set, each has a tripod, a built-in microphone, a speaker and a temperature sensor. The device has a VOX function, which is responsible for saving the battery. The nanny from standby mode automatically goes to work when it detects a voice or movement. Every image sent to the monitor is extremely clean and sharp even at night.

Lionelo Babyline 5.1 zasięg 300m

 Receiver on which we can observe the child has a large display, a support handle and a battery with a capacity of 750 mAh. The alarm will alert us to an inappropriate temperature, loss of range or simply to ours the baby has just woken up . A great addition are pre-loaded melodies that we can remotely enable

Lionelo Babyline 5.1 niania elektroniczna

 Technical Specifications:
 50 m in the room
 300 m outside
 Display: 2.4 inches 20 FPS
 Camera: CMOS 640 x 480 px
 Battery: Up to 24 hours of operation without charging
 Communication: Two-way
 Night mode with light sensor, up to 5 m
 Energy management system: VOX
 Temperature sensor
 Light sensor
 Automatic switch off and on
 Feeding reminder
 Lullabies: 8 melodies
 Certificates: IEC / EN 60335-1: 2012 + A11 / EN 60335-2-54: 2008 + A11 + A1 / EN 62233: 2008 / AfPS GS 2014: 01

Lionelo Babyline 5.1 niania z kołysankami

 Set contains:
 Receiver with display
 Two cameras
 2 power supplies

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