Lionelo Lauren Plus Turquoise ergonomic carrier

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The greatest happiness is to have your child always close

Nosidełko ergonomiczne Lionelo Lauren

In a Lionelo baby carrier your baby will always be next to your heart

We all know how important a baby is closeness to the mother , like the beating of her heart calms and relaxes the child. To relieve this sweet weight a little bit  baby carrier . In them, the child sits in the most comfortable position for his spine. Some baby carriers, e.g.  Lionelo Lauren  can also be used with slightly older children, disconnecting  waist belt  from the whole. Lionelo company  releases products for children only after passing all tests, they have Certificates  and they are completely safe. Meet the advantages of an ergonomic baby carrier  for children Linoelo Lauren

Nosidełko biodrowe Lionelo Lauren

Why do we recommend the Lionelo Lauren baby carrier?

Baby carrier  made of cotton and linen, so it is airy and durable.  belts  can be freely adjusted a non-slip insole  protects against child in the right position. We can carry the toddler in this baby carrier  wear facing each other , back or after removing the hip rest. Face-to-face, we can carry the baby from 4 months, special support  holds the child's head  in the right position for him. And the attached hood will protect and protect against excessive sunlight or rain.

Lionelo Lauren z odłączanym nosidełkiem biodrowym

 Lionelo company releases to the market baby products  only after passing all tests, they have certificates and are completely secure. Meet the advantages of an ergonomic baby carrier  for children Linoelo Lauren

Nosidełko Lionelo Lauren od 4 miesiąca do 24 miesiąca

 Illustrative photos in a different color below. At this point we sell turquoise baby carriers, as in the pictures above.

Zdjęcia mamy z dzieckiem w nosidełku Lionelo Lauren

 EN marking
European Standard  it confirms the highest quality of Lionelo products. The products meet strict European standards, guarantee the use of the best materials and safe use. Lionelo products are tested in European laboratories specializing in testing children's products. They subject them to thorough analyzes in terms of safety and quality.

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