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There is no walking without a stroller

Wózek spacerowy Lionelo Emma Plus

Can anyone recommend a good stroller for a child?

You've found the right place, here you will find the perfect in every respect  stroller . Our stroller is equipped with everything that should be decent, well made stroller. Lionelo  is a company that cares about every detail and safety and convenience is their main slogan. Lionel stroller  Emma Plus, in a beautiful turquoise color, will make you fall in love with long walks.

Spacerówka Lionelo Emma Plus

 Easy driving , wheel cushioning, pockets, basket, belts and  easy folding  to compact size, all this means that you will not regret your choice for even a second.

Dwustopniowy daszek w Lionelo Emma Plus

 We invite you to read the description of the Lionelo stroller.

Lionelo Emma Plus wózek spacerowy dla dziecka

What impresses the Lionelo Emma Plus stroller?

Turquoise Emma Plus  it is light and strong at the same time, it is a frame made of high quality metal that makes it. The one-hand stroller can be folded and taken with you. Don't worry, just because it folds easily doesn't mean that it folds itself at the wrong time. Locks are a double security system that will protect you against arbitrary truck operation . The wheels are cushioned, so there will be no shocks when driving on uneven terrain.

5-punktowe pasy w wózku Lionelo Emma Plus

 The belts have 5 points protection, they have sewn in cushions to prevent chafing. On the back of the truck  there is a spacious bag in which we can fit everything that can be useful during a walk. We have a tray on our hands, which will allow us to have, e.g. a drink on hand. Brakes near our legs are 100% safe.

Lionelo Emma Plus z torebką

ATTENTION:  Illustrative photos below, because here we are selling a turquoise pram, as in the pictures above.

Lionelo Emma Plus zdjęcie poglądowe z używania

 Basket it  convenience when shopping  and the roof is a must in case of wind or strong sun.

Wymiary wózka spacerowego Lionelo Emma Plus

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