Garden hose extensible 60m Deluxe Gun, connectors


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Not only for watering the garden, snakes are useful

Which garden hose will be the best?

If you have a large garden, you like to wash your car yourself and set up a pool for the summer, you know how necessary a garden hose is. It is a must-have for every homeowner. If you are faced with the choice of a snake, we will suggest what will be the best choice. It is such a simple thing, a hose and that's it, but it can be a thing that instead of making your garden work more pleasant and easy, will only give you nerves. Longer length garden hoses are a heavy burden, they like to get tangled, catch obstacles on the road, break when turned and rub. Why expose yourself to stress when we can buy a garden hose Q42H2 Deluxe, which is stretchy, light and aesthetically made.

Teleskopowy wąż ogrodowy, solidne złączki

Stretchy, soft, durable and long. The best garden hose for you

The Deluxe Garden Hose, as the name suggests, is the perfect luxury garden hose. Made of high-quality, damage-resistant PVC. When idle, it is 20 meters long, but will extend up to 60 meters if necessary. It has a gun to adjust the water stream in 10 ways.

Teleskopowy wąż ogrodowy 30 metrów. Zdjęcie real

Rozciągliwy wąż ogrodowy z 10 do 30 metrów


Connection: additionally equipped with a valve
End:One side of the hose has a metal connection 3/4 to the tap. The other side has a metal connection 3/4 to the gun
Execution:made of resistant PVC
Gun:10 functions included
Length:approx: 20m, max after stretching: 60m

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