Telmor WMX-822M broadband amplifier


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Sometimes it happens that it decreases without a signal amplifier

Wzmacniacz szerokopasmowy Telmor WMX-822M

A stronger signal at the output than at the input is just how the broadband amplifier works

Broadband amplifier  is a device whose task it is produce a stronger signal  at the output than the signal that came to the power supply. To amplify the signal the amplifier draws energy from an external power source. Such amplifiers are most often used in subscriber networks due to  work stability  and relatively high amplification bandwidth , up to several dozen MHz. Telmor company  has made efforts to equip the amplifier with a reliable and modern power supply system . This eliminates fluctuations network voltage . This broadband amplifier is designed for indoor use.
Telmor WMX-822M zdjęcie real

Low power consumption, simple configuration and security are the hallmarks of this broadband amplifier

WMX-822M broadband amplifier  mainly serves TVK operators, who primarily focus on quality, simplicity and investment costs. The fact that you can power such an amplifier remotely means that it can be freely mounted in a selected location. Whole  RF parameter adjustment  is done by means of built-in potentiometers, which has reduced the regulating elements to a minimum.

Wymiary wzmacniacza szerokopasmowego Telmor WMX-822M


Dimensions:mm 155 x 80 x 53
Entrance exit:, F "
Frequency range:version M: 87 - 862, version M: 5 - 62
Housing:Solid, cast metal
Noise factor:dB <5.5
Overvoltage protection:YES
Output level:DIN-45004B dBuV 122 CTB, CSO @ 60dB EN50083-3 dBuV 105
Power consumption: <5,5W
Reinforcement:dB 33
Supply voltage: local V AC / Hz 187 ... 250/50 - 60, remote V AC / Hz 30 ... 65/50 - 60
Weight:0.7 KG

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