Voltage converter 12V / 230V 1000W / 500W Blow 5872

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Przetwornica samochodowa BLOW 5872

What is the voltage converter for?

Small equipment and extremely useful. Choosing a car journey is worth it  invest in a voltage converter. inverter after connecting to the battery, it will convert 12 V DC into 230 V AC, and we are not afraid of unloaded laptops, telephones or cameras. And we can also connect a coffee maker. By choosing an inverter  let's pay attention to whether it has safeguards or whether we get cables in the set and what power it has. And here we remember that continuous power is important,  not peak. This peak, greater, is instantaneous power, consumed for only a few seconds. And we, if we need, for example, 250 W, then with a safety margin we should use a 300W continuous power converter.

Przetwornica 12V/230V 1000W/500W BLOW 5872

Which voltage converter should you choose?

Blow converter 5872 12V / 230V 1000W / 500W This device is solidly made and has a low failure rate. The whole housing is aluminum, which dissipates heat very well. And the quiet fan additionally cools the systems inside the inverter. The Blow 5872 converter has quite a few protections and auto restart function , which causes the inverter to start automatically after operation and protection. The LED diode indicates the operating status.

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