Dedra BHST05 visor with mesh face

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 Protect your face from harmful factors

Osłona twarzy siatkowa z daszkiem Dedra BHST05

A face shield is an essential element of your workwear

Everyone who has ever had the opportunity to work with a grass trimmer, scythe, saw or other tool "producing" various types of flying debris knows how dangerous they can be. Such a chip or sharp twig firing from the grass trimmer can damage the eye or scratch the face at best. That is why they are dedicated to such works face shields . The covers are different, from professional ones protecting the whole head, through plastic face covers, to reticular  useful for light work with various tools. It is really worth spending a few zlotys to ensure yourself comfort of work and protect your face from damage .

Osłona twarzy siatkowa z daszkiem Dedra BHST05

The face shield should be light, comfortable and 100% effective

Cover that we offer you today mesh cover with visor . It protects the face  when cutting, painting, grinding, trimming and mowing. Perfectly protects against all flying chips and other chips. It has an adjustment knob that will allow  adjust the cover to the head  so that work in it is completely comfortable. The product is made of decent, durable materials. Its low weight and high light and air transmission as well as adjustment make it a face shield that is worth choosing.


Dimensions: 190x300 mm
Weight: 0.20 kg

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