Garden grill and smokehouse in one Q43G

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Why not go crazy and combine grilling with smoking?

Grill ogrodowy i wędzarnia w jednym Q43G

A grill with a smokehouse is the perfect solution

Have you ever dreamed of making your own smoked fish or ham? You were afraid that  smoking is such a driving school? What about this?  smokehouses with a grill ? It is the perfect solution for everyone who loves outdoor picnicking. Great designed  3-piece barbecue  with thermometer, chimney and door. Even the most clumsy smoked amateur smokers will cope with it. You can not only grill, but also smoke , bake or simmer. You can use the whole and you can remove the middle part and the easiest way is to use even the hearth itself. It couldn't be easier. Isn't this the perfect solution for your garden?

Grill ogrodowy i wędzarnia w przekroju podczas działania

Grilling and smoking in the highest quality grilling equipment

Grillowędzarka  is a solid performance of high quality materials, sheet metal about 1mm thick has been powder painted which guarantees resistance to high temperature and extreme weather conditions. Grill  consists of three elements and two doors for easier access to the grill. A built-in thermometer shows the exact temperature inside.

Zdjęcia poglądowe grila z wędzarnią

 Charcoal or briquettes grill
 Thermometer controlling the temperature inside
 Adjustable chimney.
 Stable on three legs, insulating the heated bottom from the ground.
 Equipped with three grates.
 In addition, it has a water container that allows you to absorb fat.
 Two doors for easier access to the smokehouse interior.
 Black colour

Ogrodowa wędzarnia z grillem

Wędzarnia z grillem Q43G zdjęcie zestawu


Diameter:grates: 37.5 cm
Height: 83 cm
Thickness:hearth sheets: approx. 1mm
Width:50 cm

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