Dedra BH9D2-45 summer working sandals

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It is known that walking barefoot is the healthiest. But not always!

Buty robocze letnie Dedra BH9D2

How to protect your feet from threats?

Regardless of the type of work you do, you always have to take care of your feet. They bear the whole body weight and are exposed to various injuries.  Safety shoes  is to feel safe and comfortable at work. Regardless of whether you are walking on a slippery or bumpy ground, whether you are carrying weights or pushing them, make sure that you have durable and comfortable work shoes . Today's products from the department protective clothing  it's not just a practical side, it's also cool design and interesting styles. We are currently presenting high quality, airy and light  work shoes , summer.

Bezpieczne sandały Dedra

Work boots with reinforced toes

We present to you work sandals  category S1 SRC. This sign tells us that  shoes are resistant  for slipping on a ceramic substrate covered with a solution and on a steel substrate covered with glycerol. The nose pads are reinforced  steel insert, whose strength was tested when impacted with 200J energy.  Boots  have a shock absorbing system and have anti-static properties.

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