Geko G72011 hedge trimmer 520mm

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Hedge shears equipped with 180mm long blades made of 50HCS steel, additionally coated with a layer of Teflon that prevents corrosion.

Nożyce do żywopłotu 520mm Geko G72011

 The pruner's handles are made of polypropylene, which ensures a firm and comfortable grip even with wet and slippery hands. HCS steel blades combined with ergonomic handles ensure comfort during work, and most importantly precise and even cut.

Sekator do żywopłotu Geko G72011

 Product features:

 180 mm long blades covered with a layer of Teflon
 scissors handles made of polypropylene
 perfect for cutting shrubs and hedges
 Teflon coated blade
Nożyce ogrodowe Geko

Sekator Geko G72011 zdjęcie real


Application:pruning shrubs, hedges, etc.
Blade type:simple
Cut diameter:max 35 mm
Edge:HCS steel, Teflon
Handle:steel, polypropylene
Length:blades: 180 mm, total shears 520 mm

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