Fan heater for the socket. Heater Easy Heater CR 7712

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 Despite the heating, the cold enters the apartment?

Termowentylator do gniazdka Camry CR 7712

Do you know that you can heat the room with a heater that you can put in your pocket?

Usually when we talk heater  radiators are in front of our eyes and when we speak  heater , then we see a device occupying a chunk of room and devouring electricity like an innocent sheep. Now you can have warmth in the room with something so small that you can store it in a drawer. Contact fan heater , this  heating device  a room that you can hardly see. Not only that, you can take them anywhere. Sometimes on vacation the weather is a prank payment and instead of the sun we have a chill. And in the hotel rooms the heating is off. And then you have the rescue in the form fan heater connected to the contact.

Ogrzewacz do gniazdka Camry CR 7712

Warm your surroundings with a compact Heater Easy Heater

Easy Heater CR7712 radiator  is a small, portable device plugged into the contact. Power up to 700W will allow for  warming up the room  up to 32 square meters. The programmer of the device will allow you to set the temperature in the range from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. You don't have to wait for it to heat up immediately  when inserted into the contact begins to heat.

Camry CR 7712 mini termowentylator

Camry CR 7712 w opakowaniu

 Width: 11 cm
 Height: 18 cm
 Depth with plug: 12cm
 Depth without plug: 10cm

Wyświetlacz ogrzewacza Camry CR 7712


Display:Digital LED
Maximum power: 700 watts
Power:220 - 240 V 50 - 60 Hz
Power:500 watts
Time programmer:up to 12 hours
Volume:Quiet work
Working temperature:15 to 30 ° C
Work area: up to 32 m2

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