Q43D garden grill plus hearth

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Grill ogrodowy ogniskowy Q43D plus palenisko

Which grill should you choose for this year's feast?

Are different  grills standing hanging , folding, lockable, carbon, gas and many other inventions. Everyone, however, does the same job  food care. grilling everything from meats to vegetables or even fruit. But sometimes we will dream about the taste of sausage from the bonfire, sometimes we want to sit by the fire staring at the crackling glades. And now it's within reach. Garden grill with a hearth.

Grill wiszący Q43D w ogrodzie

 You can  Grill you can  bake over the fire , you can even brew a stew on fire according to Okrasa. You can also do nothing but sit comfortably on a sun lounger and sit in the evening by the fire.

Grill wiszący Q43D wymiary

Hanging garden grill + hearth - The perfect choice for your garden

This mounted grill steel is a great choice for your garden. In one purchase  you have a grill and you have a bonfire. Heat-resistant paint that the grill is painted will provide long-term use. Powder coating strengthens weather resistance.

Elementy wiszącego grilla ogrodowego

 And movable, adjustable grate  will allow you to have control over the preparation of dishes.

Grill ogrodowy ogniskowy Q43D na podwórzu

 Simple folding and unfolding!
 Quick folding and unfolding without tools

Grill ogrodowy wiszący Q43D z regulacja wysokości

Grate chrome-plated has the ability to adjust the height above the hearth using a chain. The movable block is a simple height adjustment without scratches on the grill frame.

Grill ogrodowy wiszący Q43D zdjęcie paleniska

 Total height of the grill: 160 cm
 Hearth diameter: 50 cm
 Grate diameter: 50 cm
 Firebox sheet thickness: approx. 1 mm

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