Q43C1 large closed garden grill plus accessories


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Duży grill ogrodowy zamykany Q43C1

Which grill should you choose?

Perhaps the most popular, because they are the most, are ordinary traditional grills . They are very popular because  BBQ  on them does not require any skills, we have constant control over the dish and this wonderful smell of grilled meat spreading around the area. And for ordinary grilling dishes it is  perfect grill.  But if we want to prepare a larger dish, surprise guests with pizza, whole chicken or beautiful salmon served in full, then we must  invest in a lockable grill . The dishes prepared under the lid gain in flavor, they are baked more evenly, they certainly will not burn. Grills with cover  they are safer and can be used to prepare really large portions.

Grill zamykany Q43C1 widok z przodu

Is it worth buying a grill with a lid?

Primarily  grilling under the lid  no weather conditions limit it, neither wind nor rain will spoil your dishes.  Closing the grill  it's also control over the flames, quickly closing the lid will immediately extinguish the fire that could burn the roast. The grill that we offer you is well-made, with an extensive air flow regulation system. It is in the cover additional grate,  on which the food can reach warmth. Shelves underneath and on the sides of the grill make cooking easier and are useful for putting together different items needed for grilling. Thanks to the wheels it is very convenient to move the grill even when it is hot.

Grill Q43C1 popielnik termometr kółka

 Main grid working surface: 70x39cm
 Upper grate working surface: 64 x 20cm
 Total depth with the shelf: 71cm
 Grill depth: 40cm
 Thermometer measurement from 50 to 300 degrees C.
 Total height: 102 cm
 Total length: 111 cm

Grill Q43C1 plus akcesoria do grilowania


 Grill to assemble
 Coal grates
 User manual

Grill Q43C1 z klapą

Product reviews


Zamawiałem tego grilla niedawno za tą cenę sprzęt fajny - blacha trochę cienka ale w tej cenie nie można by było raczej dostać czegoś lepszego. Grill generalnie fajnie pełni swoją funkcję - ale życzę powodzenia przy składaniu Instrukcja nie pokazuje dokładnie jak go złożyć, jakiej śruby gdzie użyć - po 4 godzinach w końcu się udało. Jedna rączka nie miała wywierconego gwintu więc nie dało rady jej wkręcić normalnymi narzędziami. Na szczęście miałem w domu gwintownik. Generalnie polecam - ale tylko dla cierpliwych przy składaniu