SAT Single TELE System TS100H converter

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TELE System

The LNB Single LNB by Tele System - TS100H is a single LNB with one F output, designed for receiving digital and analogue television and radio programs via satellite. It also works well in receiving HD channels and very weak signals. High-quality product, tested many times before launch - 100% waterproof. Simple and quick to install, the arm diameter is 40mm.

Konwerter SAT Single TELE System TS100H

 Features of the Tele System Single - TS100H converter

 - very low noise level
 - very good quality housing made of strong plastic - resistant to adverse weather conditions
 - very light - weight only 80g
 - extremely easy to install

TELE System TS100H zdjęcie real konwertera

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