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Make sure you are not at risk of hypertension

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Measuring pressure at home has never been easier

Every third adult in Poland suffers from hypertension . And what is worse, many of them have no idea about it. They do not use any treatment, which results in worse functioning of the circulatory system and kidneys. The development of hypertension is a long-term process, so it's best to prevent it than to treat it later. For many people hypertension  it does not give any more serious symptoms at the beginning of the disease and more serious symptoms will appear once the complications arise. That is why systematic is so important  Pressure Measurement . It is not complicated or requires a lot of time.

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 buying automatic blood pressure monitor  you can handle the measurement yourself, you only need to follow a few rules. Sit down and rest at least 10 minutes before the test, half an hour before measuring do not drink coffee or smoke, while measuring, keep your hands comfortably placed at heart level, feet on the floor, straight and leaning back. Measurement is best done 2 or 3 times with an interval of one minute and then draw the average.

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The Media-Tech MT5515 blood pressure monitor will measure the pressure, save and remember.

The device works on the principle of measurement  pressure changes caused in the pumped sleeve, which are the result of the propagation of pulse waves. This method is called oscillometric.  Pressure gauge begins the measurement after putting on the cuff and pressing one button. The measurement will appear on the display and will be read in the language of your choice. In Polish or English. A dedicated smartphone display and storage application is dedicated to the device measurements  on your mobile device. You no longer have to keep a diary with saved measurements.

Opakowanie ciśnieniomierza Media-Tech MT5515

 The correct pressure is:

 Below 120/80 mmHg - is optimal
 Systolic pressure 120-129 mmHg and / or diastolic 80-84 normal blood pressure;
 Systolic pressure 130-139 mmHg and / or diastolic 85-89 mmHg - normal but already elevated blood pressure.
 Hypertension is when:
 II degree - systolic pressure is 160-179 mmHg, and diastolic pressure is 100-109 mmHg.
 III degree - systolic pressure fluctuates above 180 mmHg and diastolic pressure above 110 mmHg.

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Handheld blood pressure meter

Ease of use as a wrist device - measurement accuracy as in a doctor's office
 Easy and immediate pressure measurement at the push of a button
 The measurement result is given in the form of information on the screen and in voice in two languages
 Free application (Android, iOS) displaying and storing measurement results on your mobile device
 Up to 100 measurements on one battery charge

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