Mirror with driving recorder VORDON DVR-190

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2 in 1 mirror plus camera

Lusterko z rejestratorem jazdy VORDON DVR-190

It is not known who was at fault? Recording will help you with this. Car camera is your ally on the road

Are you wondering if you need a camera in the car ? Need-hint. the DVR in some cases he can be a credible witness to the event. By recording everything that happens on the road will show  who is guilty of bumps,  a serious collision or will be proof of disagreement with a policeman. But let's not be pessimistic  the camera is recording  also pleasant things, passing through cities with interesting architecture or through the charming backwoods of nature we will have an interesting souvenir.

VORDON DVR-190 Rejestrator w lusterku z rozdzielczością 1080p

 Car cameras  there are plenty on the market, it's difficult to choose equipment that meets our requirements and does not drain your pockets. The most important webcam task  there is good quality recording and we have to pay attention to it, then let's check the angle of view and how the camera records and erases movies. Let's think about where we will mount it and whether it will interfere with driving

VORDON DVR-190 Rejestrator w lusterku plus kamera cofania

Bet on the best - Rearview mirror with driving recorder VORDON DVR-190 is the best choice.

Rear view mirror with built-in camera car  DVR-190 by VORDON  has everything you need in your video recorder. Supports micro SD cards  up to 32 GB, records at 1080 p / 720 p / VGA.  The mirror has an AV-IN connector to which we can connect the rear view camera  (included in the set). The recording can be changed as needed, respectively 1.2 or 3 minutes. This means that recordings that are the length of the option you choose are saved. When the memory becomes full, subsequent files will be saved to the existing ones, from the oldest. But in the event of a large overload such as a cullet, the film will be saved and blocked from being deleted.

VORDON DVR-190 zdjęcia z różnych stron

Zdjęcie zestawu VORDON DVR-190

 Set contains:
 VORDON DVR-190 mirror,
 Car charger,
 Rear view camera
 Two rubber bands for mounting the mirror,
 An elegant cleaning cloth,
 36 months warranty,
 User manual
 Fv or receipt (warranty basis

VORDON DVR-190 gniazda i przełączniki

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