CB car radio M-tech Legend II PLUS


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Do you want to know where they dry, where they stop and where they serve the best pork knuckle on the route? Use CB Radio


You say CB Radio, you think Legend II Plus

Citizens' Band Radio in a nutshell CB radio . These are essential nowadays  every driver's equipment  especially those who take longer journeys. The radio will help to avoid traffic jams, shorten the road, warn about controls, tell you where to eat well and make your trip more pleasant, not always a decent conversation. Easy to use, requires no special qualifications, inexpensive and allows you to establish communications without the intervention of operators and without restrictions associated with access to any telecommunications network. There is a lot of this equipment on the market, but the best in our humble opinion is  CB radio M-tech Legend II PLUS.  This is the latest edition of the very popular MTech Legend II radio. The radio has all certificates for use in Poland, without any permits.

Opakowanie fabryczne M-Tech LEGEND II PLUS

Why do we recommend CB radio M-tech Legend II PLUS?

Because this radio has a lot of advantages extremely useful for every driver. Ergonomic with three knobs to adjust the volume,  receiver sensitivity  and squelch . allows simultaneous listening to two channels.  It can eliminate high frequency interference. We can control the noise level automatically and manually. Equipped radio in  multistandart, which is especially useful for drivers traveling outside our borders. The radio supports the PL, EU, D, EC, UK standards.

CB radio M-Tech LEGEND II PLUS zdjęcie real zestawu


Asc: automatic squelch
Connector:microphone: 8-pin
Compatibility:with the requirements of EU countries
Control: receiver sensitivity
Channels: 40 AM
Dimensions:115 x 180 x 35 mm
Damping:mirror signals better than 60 dB, harmonic frequencies better than 60dB
Frequency tolerance: ± 200 Hz
Filter:automatic interference suppression (permanently attached)
Frequency: 26,960 - 27,405 MHz, intermediate: 10,695 MHz and 455 kHz
Impedance:50 ohm
Modulation: AM, FM
Output power:4W
Power:13.2 V DC
Power consumption: 0.5A / 1.8A, max 1.8A
Power: 2W audio
Squelch: manual noise cancellation
Switch:on channel 9/19 in the microphone
Speaker: built-in radio from below
Sensitivity:<1.0 μV at 20dB SINAD
Weight:0.8 kg
Working temperature:-10 +55 degrees C.

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